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Professional Manufacturer of Plugs&Sockets!

LONGRICH® is a professional manufacturer of variety kinds of universal travel adapter, travel adapter with USB port, travel adapter with RJ45 Port, Wi-Fi smart plug & power socket etc. Suitable for whole world 10 kinds of electric Plug & sockets standards, such as US, EU, UK, AUS etc. We started in 2002 in Dongguan, China. Now We become one of the largest travel adapter manufacturer of China. we have our own independent industry zone covering 8000+ square meters and 170 skilled & efficient workers, including 12 R&D staff, 4 semi-automatic production lines and one professional testing lab. We are engaged in travel adapter industry over 16 years with passion & responsibility, providing the convenience for any plug compatible with any sockets.[see more…]

Universal Travel Adapter


Universal Travel Adapter with Dual USB max output 5V, 2100mA or 2400mA, Support intelligent sensing of electricity charging function.  International Pantone color is used for customization.

Universal Travel Adapter

Work as a Wireless Router

This Universal Travel Adapter Supports RJ45 interface to access and share WiFi. Support to share USB content when it connected.

Universal Travel Adapter

Universal travel adapter without usb charger

Universal Travel Adapter with multi-function plugs to meet most of the countries plug use (special note, except South Africa, India, Korea, Germany, France, Israel, etc )

Why Choose Us

  • Longrich is largest OEM/ODM travel adapter manufacturer

  • Longrich own the most advanced labratory in travel adapter industry.

  • Longrich have a creative R&D team to creat new items and customize products for customers.

  • Longrich travel adapter won good reputation among long term partners, such as Brookstone, Staples, Delsey, etc.

  • All Longrich travel adapters got CE, ROHS, FCC approved, we produce safer travel adapters.

If you have any questions, Please feel free to contact us at export01@cnlongrich.com


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