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Universal travel plug adapter factory in China

Universal travel plug adapter factory in China. LONGRICH® is a peofessional manufacturer of variety kinds of universal travel adapter, travel adapter with USB port, travel adapter with RJ45 Port, Wi-Fi smart plug & power socket etc. Products are suitable for whole world 10 kinds of electric Plug & sockets standards, such as US, EU, UK, AUS etc. We started in 2002 in Dongguan, China.


  • Longrich the is largest OEM/ODM travel adapter manufacturer
  • Longrich own the most advanced labratory in travel adapter industry.
  • Longrich have a creative R&D team to make new products and provide custom service.
  • Longrich travel adapters enjoy high reputation among our long-term partners, such as Brookstone, Staples, Delsey, etc.
  • All Longrich travel adapters has got the recognition of CE, ROHS, and FCC.  We produce safer travel adapters.

What we do?

  • Designing travel adapters with various structure&shape for our clients to find their market.
  • Re-designing according to clients’ drawings designed in advance. And producing travel adaptor sample orders.
  • Re-designing a product by modifying the already exist tooling, such as the plug types, product surface finishing, etc.
  • Designing special packages for gift companies.
  • Printing customers’ design or logo on products and package.

We target at making high-end gift customization programmes and bringing  more business opportunity to our clients)

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Send inquiry and get free sample

Please send us your requirements, we will soon respond within 12 hours and make a custom project plan for you. Samples available for testing quality.

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TEL: +86(769) 38986730

Address: No.3, Heshun Rd. Shatou South District, Chang’an Town, Dongguan City, China

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