TRAVELPLUG LOGOTravelplug is the universal travel plug adapter brand of LongRich
“Travel Plug” Logo design concept is for easier recognition, there are several ways to explain the meanings. Initially, the design purpose is to maintain the overall visual balance, the smooth lines, so that the overall shape is beautiful; at the same time with contrast, color contrast emphasis on the theme, the use of different colors and emphasizes the color of the form, such as heavy color, line combination – because people The color of the reflection than the shape of the reflection is more sensitive and direct, more to stimulate the emotions, and orange black color contrast can produce a strong visual effect, and color harmony is the formation of spatial level; finally in the design of the blank, give space for imagination.

Logo color is white, the arrangement and combination of letters is very particular about the dynamic effects, the text Travel Plug is black (A letter is orange), the Earth logo is orange, which A letter and V letter design associated with, A letter Orange is the black English font is not monotonous, make people shines, good to seize the people’s eyes; A / V two letters together as N letters, N friendly (nice): even if unfamiliar, people can also maintain a friendly heart, and the whole earth orange and white and white, means that the difference between day and night, the earth’s design is more full of image, but also makes people associate – when it comes to the world, people will be easy Think of the world, think of traveling around the world, so that people convey the “world in your eyes” concept, to stimulate people around the world curiosity, and make it easy to remember the company’s brand and culture.
The following are the same as the ”
At the same time, in the pattern of orange represents a warm and warm atmosphere, and white as the foundation, add the black font is the overall design looks solemn, subtle and crisp. The design will be more latitude and longitude lines painted streamer around the scene, added the company travel products far away, penetrate all things, around the world image.

English alphabet meaning

T-Trust: trust yourself, your relatives, friends and others
R-Respect: respects all races, religions, cultures, beliefs and values.
A-Acknowledgment: Thank God for giving you everything, including: your ability to know, originality, imagination, your conscience. So will make you become more intelligent.
V-Victory (victory): to recognize their own life in every small success, and to celebrate.
E-Empathy: keep a compassion, understand the emotions of others and the way others think.
L-Love (love): unconditional dedication of your emotional and physical and mental love, and the spirit of your love.

P-Patience: success often requires amazing patience and patience to wait for the opportunity. Control yourself, adjust the rhythm, make sure you take the pace of nature.
L-Love (love): unconditional dedication of your emotional and physical and mental love, and the spirit of your love.
U-Unity (unity): to live with you around peace, unity of your family, friends and colleagues.
G-Give you: Give your time, your positive thoughts, your kindness, and all the things you can take to generously bring to the people around you.

“Travel Plug”
Thanksgiving, we have your accompany along the way of success.
– We will uphold the principle of mutual trust and mutual respect, keep a grateful heart, cherish each other’s love, firm their own patience, mutual help, mutual help, solidarity, mutual gratitude in life, mutual encouragement and co-create success!
LOGO is the trademark of the in English language, it plays a role in the identification and promotion of a company, through the image of the logo allows consumers to remember the company’s main body and brand culture.
“Travel Plug” LOGO design at the beginning not only consider the designer on the high resolution of the screen display, but also taking into account the overall development of the site to a corresponding height of the activities required by the activities to make it in a variety of media, also play a full visual effect; at the same time to give the majority of the audience popular and easy to understand the shape of knowledge.
Logo shape after the fax, newspapers, magazines and other paper on the monochrome effect, anti-white effect, the textile effect on the fabric, the paint on the body effect, the production of badges when the metal effect, the wall three-dimensional Modeling results and other experiments.
The design process will be specific things, events, scenes and abstract spirit, philosophy, direction through a special graphic fixed down, so that people see the logo at the same time the natural association, which has a recognition of the enterprise. Logo design and business closely related, it is the daily business activities, advertising, cultural construction, foreign exchange essential elements, it is with the growth of enterprises, its value is also growing. “Travel Plug” is the companion who has been with us for more than 14 years.

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