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Useful Travel adapter instructions | Necessary knowledge of Adapters

International workers or travelers should not only have the awareness of cultural differences, but also pay attention to the difference in electricity supply. You might be much annoyed by frequent warning of low battery in your smartphones or other electric equipment. That’s why so many kinds of travel adapters are created. However, as a new practical tool, some accidents happened due to improper use. So, we also need to follow some useful travel adapter instructions and learn how to use the adapters.

travel adapter instructions

travel adapter instructions

Travel adapter instructions

  • First

You need to know the electrical system and plug type of the country you are going to travel. You can learn about the electrical specifications of each country through the Internet. For example, the voltage in Argentina is 220 volts. And then you could purchase a travel adapter and power outlet based on the type of plug or outlet for your phone or electronic device. The plug adapter has a letter corresponding to the plug configuration. Every adapter is available in a specific country, and you can visit the LONGRICH® website to get the travel adapter you need.

  • Next

You need to check the back label of the travel charger to verify whether the voltage and current information meet local power requirements. In addition, regarding the power requirements, you can also refer to the user manual. Devices such as hair dryers or devices or cell phones can specify dual voltage ratings of 110 volts and 220 volts. So they don’t require a power converter in many countries. If the device does not specify a dual voltage rating, it is a single voltage device. You can calculate the power of the device by multiplying the voltage (V) by the current intensity (A or amperage), for example, 110 V x 2 A = 220 watts. If the power of a small device is too small and there is no transformer, it may be damaged and cause a power failure.

  • Finally

When arriving at your destination country or region, you could connect the power cord to the device. If you need a power converter/transformer, plug the device’s power cord into the converter’s power outlet. Note: You need to align the pins of the device or converter’s power plug with the slots on the adapter before plugging into wall outlet. Before this ,you need to check that the power cord and adapter are tightly fitted to prevent surges or sparks and whether the wires are damaged in case.

travel adapter instructions



LONGRICH® is a professional manufacturer of variety kinds of universal travel adapter, travel adapter with USB port, and etc. This travel adapter instructions will help you determine what you need to pack for your next trip and keep your electrics in-charging safely all the time. For all LONGRICH® products, the observance of international relevant safety standards is at the foreground during the entire production process. We produce safe travel adapter. This is what makes the significant difference between LONGRICH® and its competitors.


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