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International Travel Adapter Guide

When you are abroad, voltage and outlet type vary from destination to destination. And you must take an international travel adapter, at first glance, seeming like a mundane concern. Just pick one and go? Not exactly. Although many of them offer the same conveniences, the different voltage, plug type, size, weight, speed and sturdiness might also get you in low battery warnings.  LONGRICH® would like to give you an international travel adapter guide .

Currently, there are 15 different electrical outlet configurations around the world. Some plug types are used throughout entire continents, while others are confined to a single country.  LONGRICH® has a wide range of universal international travel adapter available for sale that are compatible with multiple outlet configurations.

travel adapter guide

travel adapter guide

Travel adapter guide from LONGRICH®

LONGRICH® is a professional manufacturer of variety kinds of universal travel adapter, travel adapter with USB port, and etc. This guide to international travel adapters will help you determine what you need to pack for your next trip abroad to keep you in-charging all the time.

Outlet Type A

Used mainly in North America, Central America, Venezuela, the Caribbean and Japan, a Type A outlet is the typical flat, two-pronged, ungrounded outlet Americans are familiar with. This outlet almost always runs on 110-127V. However, two-pronged American devices and Japanese devices do vary slightly.

Outlet Type B

Like Type A, outlet Type B is also mainly used in North America, Central America, the Caribbean and Japan. This outlet is the grounded version of Type A and includes a third round prong below the two flat parallel prongs.  Type B outlets are almost always 110-127V.

Outlet Type C

Type C outlets are used throughout Europe,  the United Kingdom, Malta  Cyprus, and South America. These outlets feature two round openings for prongs. Type C outlets generally run on 220-240V and are only usable for devices that use 2.5 amps or less.

Outlet Type F

Used throughout Europe and Russia, Type F outlets are similar to Type E outlets. However, the socket lacks the round, protruding earthing prong. Type F sockets run on 220-240V .

Outlet Type G

Largely used in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Cyprus, Malta, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, Type G is a three-pronged outlet with all rectangular slots in a triangular pattern. Type G outlets run on 220-240V and are usable by devices up to 13 amps.

travel adapter guide

travel adapter guide

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