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UK Travel Adapters | How to select power adapter for travelling in the UK?

Why do we need travel adapters? In the era when electronic products are rampant, including mobile phones, bluetooth headsets, ipads, etc. Especially mobile phones, they have become a must-have item for people. However, charging these items may become a troublesome problem when you go abroad. Because the voltage & electricity vary from countries to countries, [...]

What Travel Adapter Can be called the Best one?

Electronics have become an essential must pack item for most of us when travelling. There’s nothing worse than that low battery warning on your smartphone or notebook when working or travelling abroad. whether you could recharge your electronics depends on if the adapters are compatible with the voltage and plug type in the country or [...]

International Travel Adapter Guide

When you are abroad, voltage and outlet type vary from destination to destination. And you must take an international travel adapter, at first glance, seeming like a mundane concern. Just pick one and go? Not exactly. Although many of them offer the same conveniences, the different voltage, plug type, size, weight, speed and sturdiness might [...]

What is the difference between a 2-pin plug and a 3-pin plug?

2-pin plug A 2-pin plug means that the device is not grounded and usually has two pins to carry power.Previously, all electrical equipment was equipped with 2-pin plugs, and all power outlets used 2-pin plugs, which meant that the all equipment was not grounded. However, as the current and voltage of electrical appliances become larger, [...]

Useful Travel adapter instructions | Necessary knowledge of Adapters

International workers or travelers should not only have the awareness of cultural differences, but also pay attention to the difference in electricity supply. You might be much annoyed by frequent warning of low battery in your smartphones or other electric equipment. That’s why so many kinds of travel adapters are created. However, as a new [...]

Indispensable Necessity for going Abroad

With the development of economy, an increasing number of people need to go abroad for travel&work.   Have you ever ecountered that low battery warning are frequently annoying. I guess you would say yes .Because each country has different standards for power plugs, what should we do? what is the indispensable necessity for going abroad? Now let's take a look at the solution provided [...]

What’s the Difference Between Travel Adapters and Converters?

Traveling abroad? You'll need a travel adapters to power your electronics. However, attempting to understand the difference between travel adapters and converters is extremely confusing. Sometimes you will need travel adapters when traveling, but in other cases, you may need a voltage converter. If you’re not sure what you need, we're here to help!   travel adapters Difference Between Travel [...]

Safe Travel Adapter for Your Journey

A safe travel adapters is essential for your international travel, you should never assume you are as protected abroad as you are at home. Apart from some of the obvious differences, there are other aspects you should be aware of. For example, electricity supplies worldwide can vary from 100 volts to 240 volts. This means it’s not [...]