Why is the plug system in Australia so different?

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Why is the plug system in Australia so different?

People who travel abroad know that each country has its own different plugs and sockets, and usually need to buy a suitable charger to keep their electronic devices powered. But one thing people think is why Australia has such a different plug that the traveler needs a special Australian plug adapter to get a quick charge.

why Australia has such a different plug system?

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Australian plug system

Many people don’t know this, but the Australian plug design is based on the old American socket system. In short, Australia has built its own plug system to the old standard, which not only reduces costs, but is also lighter than British plugs and does not degrade quality.

Why don’t they change their plug system?

Why are they still using it? Maybe they want travelers to buy a special Australian power plug adapter. And now countries are slowly warming up to the idea of having plugs and sockets that are more compatible with the rest of the world. However, many countries clearly need some time to warm up, and Australia is one of them.

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