In 2002, Longrich factory was set up and mainly aimed at producing travel plug, travel usb chargers and tourism gifts, we also worked at gift design and promotion.

In 2007, Longrich factory moved to Dongguan, and targeted at producing high quality universal travel adapters, travel plug. In this year, Longrich registered his own brand ”Travelplug”, and tried to popularize Longrich’s own brand to overseas.

In 2010, Longrich travel plug got the recognition of France Bureau Veritas enterprise ; Longrich became the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Chamber of Commerce executive director company; Longrich promoted the establishment of Network Chamber of Commerce in Dongguan China, and served as president company.

In 2012, Longrich got official authorization from  Lamborghini and became their electronic gift kit supplier. Longrich created the most popular travel plug, electronic gift kit for Lamborghini in 2013.

In 2013, Longrich became Aston Martin’s brand solutions provider and won the Spanish El Salvador Dali’s electronic gift program providers and mobile phone accessories and distributors of the qualifications.

In 2014, Longrich was approved by the China Tennis Open as the official designated souvenir suppliers, the electronic souvenir  gifts include travel adapters, wireless charging, wireless storage and other electronic gifts.

In 2014, Longrich won “Union of Love Enterprises” of the Guangdong Lions Club.

In 2015, Longrich won the Silver Award for the 3rd China Gift Design Contest.

In 2015, Longrich won the “Top 100 Chinese gift supplier”.

In 2016, Longrich gained ”International standard products manufacturing enterprise”  title from National Standardization Management Committee.

In 2017, Longrich passed BV audit and Staples Audit.

Longrich is still growing, and hope to set “Longrich” as the most famous travel brand all around the world.


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