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4 tips to choose a safer universal travel adapter with USB

How to choose a safer universal travel adapter with usb?A safer travel adapter will help protecting your mobile devices and even protect your life…

Nowadays, travelling is becoming more and more popular for people all around the world. We all hope to see beautiful sceneries and take pictures in many countries, but after a whole day enjoying the sceneries, your mobile devices may lack of power, then you may find the plug of your charger will not be match with sockets in other countries. So you will need to buy a very good and safer universal travel adapter with usb before travelling abroad.

How to choose a good universal travel adapter with usb?

  • Better PCB board with EMC approved. To charge you phone devices more stablely, a EMC approved PCB board is needed, PCB without EMC certificate will make your phone charging unstablely and may creat extra heat, more importantly, it is not safe.
  • Better plastic material with RoHS approved. Never buy travel adapter with poor quality plastic or recycle use plastic materials, better plastic material will protect people from electric shock.
  • Better quality metal. Better quality metal inside, such as manganese copper, or full copper will have better electricity conductance and with less heat producing, which make it more safe.
  • Never, never buy a universal travel adapter that the different types of plugs could be pulled out simultaneously, if you can pull out two plugs simultaneously, then both plugs will be conductive and then when you use one plug, another plug which was pulled out earlier may cause electric shock easily, this is the most dangerous situation.

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Longrich is a travel adapter manufacturer with 15 years experience. The factory locate in Dongguan China, mainly produce high quality travel adapter, and most of the travel adapters were exported to Europe and America market, which win good reputation in this industry. Longrich target at making better quality travel adapters, and the whole company always believe ”No safe, no quality”.

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